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Welcome to the complete guide to Cardinals baseball cards!
(Or at least, as complete as I can get it. I will keep adding cards as I get new lists from more sets.) Currently, this database covers sets from 1900 to 2000, with some newer cards after 2000. (I'm trying to add more sets as I can.)

To find cards of a specific player, use the search feature. Currently, you can search by name (first and/or last) and/or by set name. To search by year, enter a year for the set name. I hope to incorporate the teams search as a separate field at some point.

A successful search will return all matching cards for most major sets through 2000 (and some sets after 2000 as I get them added). This search engine isn't very robust, so please restrict searches to specific players and/or sets. If you want a more extensive listing of all cards in the database, please use the pre-generated lists below, or go through the Virtual Card Album, where checklists are available.

The Virtual Card Album is an off-shoot of my baseball card collection. At some point, I started collecting scans of cards I couldn't own. From there, I scanned cards I did own. The Virtual Album is a collection of images of Cardinals baseball cards from a range of sources.

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